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Call Center Associate for Cardiology Practice (FT) – Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, SC


  • Maintains a professional image and exhibits excellent customer relations to patients, visitors, physicians, and co-workers in accordance with our Service Excellence Standards and Core Values.  

  • COMMUNICATIONS HANDLING – Handles all incoming communications and insures reliable consistent coverage for phones  

  • Answers primary team phone lines in real time  

  • Documents telephone encounters  

  • Manages team e-mail and portal inquiries in real time  

  • Makes calls on behalf of nurse or physician  

  • Pages doctor on call  

  • Directs hospital consult calls  

  • APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING – Coordinates and schedules all appointments whether in the office, hospital surgery center etc. Confirms and follows up on communication  

  • Manages schedule  

  • Maintains and updates printed patient schedule 

  • Notes reason for the visit  

  • Makes appointments based on protocols  

      *  New patients  

      *  In office reappointment  

      *  Quick Care / same day  

      *  Office study  

      *  E-mail as part of the patient portal  

                  *  Notes if rescheduled 

      ·    Verifies patient data       

      * Confirms demographic and insurance info on every call  

                  * Dates and times of upcoming appointments confirmed  

                  * Preventive visits updated (every patient has a return appointment booked)  

                  * Reschedules patients based as needed or patients without a future appointment 

      ·    Considers multiple schedules  

      * Office schedule  

      * Satellite schedule  

      * Doctors personal schedule  

      * Hospital schedule  

      * Notifies management of scheduling issues as soon as it is known 

     ·     Fast tracks primary care referrals 


  • QUICK CARE HANDLING – Coordinates and manages the expectations of all same day appointments  

·   Maintains quick care – same day appointment schedule  

·   Appoints patients based list of symptoms based on standing orders  

·   Sets patient expectations on short single focused nature of visit  

·   Informs patients that anything outside of visit reason will be rescheduled  

·   Communicates to doctor and staff of nature of quick care visit 

  • MESSAGE FOLLOW THROUGH – Addresses and or follows up on all messages, mail, faxes and incoming communications  

  • Processes all calls  

  • Takes messages from online portal  

  • Takes messages from team email  

  • Sorts team mail and faxes  

  • Passes messages on to correct party  

  • Follow through to insure messages are returned within 24 hours  

  • Confirms all messages have been handled for the day 

  • PRE-VISIT PREPARATION – Prepares the day before completing all tasks that can be done before the patient arrives including preregistration function  

·    Arranges all hard copy information required from referring physician before appointment  

·    Updates patient profile 

  • PATIENT REFERRAL COORDINATION – Coordinates straight forward referrals to other specialists if less than 5 minutes according to the established physician protocols  

·    Handles referrals (less than 5 minutes) based on standing physician orders  

·    Scheduling procedures or tests (less than 5 minutes) based on standing physician orders  

·    Receives and processes referrals for services 

  • FILING AND SCANNING – Works to maintain a work environment that is paperless. Keeps precise chart counts and regularly updates patient registries  

·    Request or get old files  

·    Eliminates paper through scanning 

  • TEAM ADMIN SUPPORT – Supports team members by handling key administrative duties                                       

·    Maintains daily task list  

·    Mail new patient paperwork packets if appointment is greater than a week  

·    Prints and mails recall letters  

·    Sets and attends team meetings 

  • QUALITY IMPROVEMENT PROCESS – Actively participates in the care team and cross functional team quality improvement process 

      ·    Identifies care team challenges and documents them  

      ·    Identifies care team improvement ideas and documents them  

      ·    Actively participates in quarterly care team meetings  

      ·    Actively participates in quarterly cross functional meetings base on site wide job descriptions  

      ·    Models quality improvement behavior in times of stress and conflict 


Qualifications /Training: 

Individual must be able to perform basic clerical functions and in addition, the ability to comprehend medical terminology. Six months to one year related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. 


Minimum of a High school diploma or GED equivalent from an accredited school preferred  


Full time


Myrtle Beach, SC, United States


Full time

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