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Chief Medical Officer, McLeod Regional Medical Center

Florence, SC



Essential Job Responsibilities/Expectations

The VPMS is responsible for the establishment, maintenance, and enhancement of quality health services in accordance with the mission and values of McLeod Health. The VPMS is also responsible for the Medical Services leadership and management of MRMC, acting within the parameters established by the Board of Trustees, the Community Board (the “Board”) and the Administrator/Senior Vice President of MRMC.

The VPMS is a medico-administrative leadership role and is responsible to the Administrator/Senior Vice President of MRMC. The position reports to the Administrator/Senior Vice President for MRMC’s strategic planning, medical education, Medical Staff matters, and daily operations. The primary purpose of the position is to provide assistance and advice to the Administrator/Senior Vice President and Chiefs of the Medical Staff, and to supervise and direct hospital based physician services.

Professional Traits:

  1. Maintains a professional image and exhibits excellent customer relations to patients, visitors, physicians, and co-workers in accordance with our Service Excellence Standards and Core Values.
  2. Possesses Knowledge of the mission and values of McLeod health and the ability to support the beliefs and values contained therein.
  3. Possesses a very high degree of analytical ability and problem-solving skills to evaluate information; to plan, organize, and direct the work of Medical Services; to develop short- and long-range goals; and to ensure sound managerial practices.
  4. Possesses an in-depth knowledge of the administrative facets of the health care industry encompassing patient care, Medical Staff relationships, clinical effectiveness, finance, planning, marketing, labor relations and human resources.
  5. Exhibits leadership and management ability, which engenders support and confidence of subordinates, the Medical Staff and the community.
  6. Exhibits well developed interpersonal skills to interact effectively in sensitive or complex situations with a variety of publics and able to make presentations before groups.
  7. Understands the legal and regulatory environment of health care and maintains the hospital’s compliance with all appropriate regulations, laws and policies.

Major Duties:

  1. Establish and enhance effective relationships and communications with the Medical Staff. This is to be accomplished through both formal and informal methods. The organization values the informal use of daily rounds within the hospital to interact personally with the Medical Staff.
  2. Assist the Chiefs of Staff and other officers of the Medical Staff to assure that appropriate physician educational peer review, and quality assurance systems are in place to fulfill the mission and goals of McLeod Health. These activities include, but are not limited to: (i) the discharge of Medical Staff organizational functions; (ii) facilitating solutions to problems in the delivery of care; (iii) planning and implementation programs and policies designed to improve medical practice and health care delivery; (iv) assisting the Chiefs of Staff and other elected officials of the Medical Staff of MRMC in the performance of their responsibilities; (v) serving as a liaison between Administration, the Board, and the Medical Staff; and (vi) providing input to the Administration and Board regarding the policy-making process.
  3. Provide leadership, advice and counsel to the Clinical Outcomes (Qualify Assurance/Review) Program based upon the principles of Total Quality Management and Continuous Quality Improvement. Plan and select appropriate benchmarks, measures and tracks performance against those benchmarks, and takes effective actions based upon the principles of the problem-solving process to improve performance. This process includes planning and administering a Clinical Performance Profile for Medical Staff departments.
  4. Participate in the development of the annual Clinical Effectiveness (CE) plan. Be active in the role of Academic Detailing as described in the CE plan. Act as an advisor and source of information on the general direction of quality and quality measures within the various specialties of medicine. Participate as necessary in the active work of the performance improvement teams to identify and resolve organization and quality issues as part of the annual CE plan. Participate in monthly Quality Operation Committee of Medical Staff and weekly CE Operations meeting.
  5. Develop and maintain effective commination and appropriate involvement with other publics, organizations, or groups that expand the effectiveness of the of the MRMC’s mission.
  6. Participate in developing McLeod Health policies, procedures and directives as requested and communicate the same appropriately to ensure that compliance is achieved throughout the McLeod Health facilities and organization. Participate in monthly Board meetings to advise the Board on quality improvement efforts. Participate in the monthly Medical Executive Committee and Medical Staff Meeting, and departmental meetings as necessa1y. Participate in McLeod Health meetings as requested. Serve as an advisor to the Medical Staff and Chief of Staff for issues related to the Medical Staff and its Bylaws.
  7. Review pending legislation on local, state, and national levels for its impact on health care, and, when appropriate, enlist support from various facility publics to influence effective legislation to improve or enhance patient care services.
  8. Collaborate on McLeod Health projects or with other McLeod Health persons, as indicated. Act as a liaison to the Medical Staff and the administration with regards to any project development. Promote physician engagement in project development where needed.
  9. Recommend programs to the Administrator/Senior Vice President and assists in implementing programs approved by the Board.
  10. Assist the Administrator and the Senior Vice President for Fiscal Services in the formulation services for the MRMC. This budget includes a statistical forecast, a salary budget, non-salary budget, capital equipment budget, and projections of a cash budget. 
  11. Ensure on a day-to-day basis that MRMC is prepared for licensure and other types of inspections and surveys and meets The Joint Commission and South Carolina DEHEC standards for safe, effective and efficient operations.
  12. Coordinate and direct the Continuing Medical Education activities of MRMC within the State Accreditation Standards. Serve as a liaison to academic affiliations. Work directly with the VP for Physician Recruiting to meet the goals and needs of physician education. Provide oversight to the Physician Development program. Serve on the Physician Leadership Development roundtable.
  13. Participate in the recruiting, retention and analysis of tum-over among community medical professional. Ensure that each physician has an adequate introduction to the processes, culture and values of the McLeod Heath organization.
  14. Provide the direction and supervision to the assigned hospital-based physician services such as hospitalist, intensivists, and specific sub-specialists. Responsible for the recruitment, hiring and coordination of such physicians and staff as required for these services. Provide support to the Medical Directors of these programs in order to meet hospital needs and priorities.

Qualifications /Training:


Must possess an active SC Medical License


Full time


Florence, SC, United States


Full time

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