Our Nurses Say It Best

There are many reasons our nurses have made their careers at McLeod Health. See their testimonies below.

  • Beth K., RN, ED Case Manager

    “Being a nurse is truly an honor. Serving as an encourager and positive resource to those in their greatest time of need is still very humbling after 20 years.”

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  • Brooke P., BSN, McLeod Pediatric Assoc. of Florence

    “As a pediatric nurse, I help educate, encourage, and care for new parents and their babies. I have the privilege of watching babies grow from infants to teenagers and develop lasting relationships with my patients.”

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  • Futrella M., BSN, Nephrology

    “I had my first look into nursing at McLeod when I attended the Health Careers program during high school. It was a great way to gain insight into the healthcare field. I started at McLeod as a nurse extern while in nursing school.”

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  • Heather C., BSN, Intensive Care Unit

    “My preceptor was the reason I fell in love with the ICU. I like that there is always something new to learn - it may be a new procedure or a new way that old medication is being used. You never know what you will learn each day at work.”

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  • Kara H., BSN, Cardiovascular Nursing

    “Helping can mean giving patients their medicine or food, talking with them, or being an advocate. Knowing that I am doing the right thing for my patients and getting them everything they need to receive the best care possible is my purpose.”

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  • Rashona M., RN, Hemodialysis Unit

    “I have seen the struggles that come with being a Hemodialysis patient. I felt becoming a Hemodialysis nurse would put me in a position to further educate and encourage patients in this area, possibly providing a little light of hope!”

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  • Josh H., RN, SCRN, McLeod Regional Medical Center, Neurosciences Unit

    "Being a nurse is fulfilling in several different ways. I have a really great team. My co-workers are really great. Nursing is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done in my life."

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