Frequently Asked Questions About IRP

Below frequently asked questions and answers will help you better understand the IRP program.

What is the McLeod Health Internal Resource Pool (IRP)?

The McLeod Health Internal Resource Pool (IRP) provides employment options that are different than traditional part- and full-time for experienced nurses seeking opportunities that work best for their schedules. It is the different options offered by Einstein II (EII) IRP that help McLeod Health an employer of choice.

McLeod Health must staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week – all shifts, weekends, and holidays. Over the past couple of years, nurses, like employees in other industries, have expressed the desire for more scheduling options in their work life. External staffing agencies recognized the change and have capitalized on it. McLeod Health wants to continue to be an employer of choice by offering enhanced staffing options via EII IRP.

Competition for nurses isn’t just with other hospitals, it is also with nursing agencies that are increasing their recruitment of nurses every day. We must continue to attract and retain nurses. Doing so means we have to provide increased options for nurses who want different things at different points in their careers.

The McLeod Health IRP helps reduce external agency costs. More importantly, it increases the quality of care and service provided by nursing staff. Housing an internal nurse pool ensures consistency in quality nurses who are familiar with the hospital practices and standards, and as a result, provides enhanced teamwork.

What is Einstein II IRP?

It is a new innovative, systemwide internal staffing resource pool driven by Einstein II IRP app-enabled technology. The goal of the program is to significantly reduce reliance on external agencies to support staffing needs, be an additional layer of support to fill core scheduling gaps, daily functional vacancies, and long-term needs, and improve the nursing experience at McLeod Health by offering many work options for resource pool PRN (contingent) staff. This is in addition to current hospital and unit-based resource pools.

What is the benefit of joining the McLeod Health IRP?

An individual may enjoy the perks of traditional travel or per diem nursing in addition to receiving:

  • excellent pay and long-term assignment rates
  • various shift options and staffing commitment choices
  • flexible and convenient self-scheduling online with the Einstein II IRP scheduling app
  • streamlined orientation
  • become or remain a McLeod Health employee and part of the team
How and when does the McLeod Health IRP supply nurses?

McLeod Health IRP nurses are deployed to fill daily functional vacancies, census or acuity increases, leaves of absence, FTE vacancies, overtime replacement, and agency utilization among other needs.

How are McLeod Health IRP nurses allocated to various departments throughout the system?

Increased options and coordinated scheduling through one internal staffing team ensure enough variety in skill sets and work preferences to fill open slots.

A new technology called Einstein II is designed to ensure the right resource/staff deployment to the right place at the right time.

With more flexible options, isn't there the possibility of our regular nurses moving to EII IRP?

There are several reasons people choose regular full-time and part-time work, including benefits and security. It is possible that some regular nurses will move to the McLeod Health IRP as flexibility may be more suitable for their current needs. By expanding McLeod Health IRP’s available options there is a greater possibility of retaining them within the healthcare system.

Are nurses able to hold more than one position under the McLeod Health IRP?

Nurses can only hold one job position if they join the McLeod Health IRP.

Who qualifies to work at the McLeod Health IRP and how do they apply?

Nurses who have an active nursing license and at least two years of experience should apply here: Staff Nurse – Internal Agency – McLeod Careers Section Careers (

Who do I contact with questions about the McLeod Health IRP?

Contact Cindy Miller, RN, Clinical Staffing Manager at 843-777-9090 or

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