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Are you interested in a nursing career at McLeod Health and have additional questions?
Below are answers to the most common questions that we receive.

What shifts are available at McLeod Health?

Most nursing units offer 12 hour shifts as scheduled, every other weekend and rotating holiday coverage. We offer day shift, night shift and also day/night rotating shifts. There are some areas that offer evening shifts or a day/evening rotation. Flexible scheduling options are available based on unit need and individual request.

McLeod also offers Weekend Only Work schedules. The Weekend Only Work (WOW) Staffing program is designed to help meet the operating needs of approved nursing units. This program permits employees to work two twelve-hour shifts (part time) or three twelve-hour shifts (full time) on the weekend and receive special compensation for their commitment. McLeod also offers Short-Term Staff Builder contracts to our internal PRN staff which allows PRN employees the opportunity to work full-time hours for a specified amount of time (5, 10, 15 or 20 weeks) with increased compensation during the length of their contract.

What support is available for a bedside nurse?

Bedside units offer directorial support as well as Patient Care Supervisors (PCS). The role of the PCS is to oversee the flow of the unit to include support of staff members at the bedside. In addition, many units have a Clinical Nurse Manager (CNM). The role of the CNM is to manage clinical care for our patients. They serve as the clinical expert on their given assigned unit, and support patient care by serving as the consistent link among the healthcare team. Our unlicensed staff attend medical/surgical technician training and are validated in certain procedures such as phlebotomy, obtaining EKGs, simple dressing changes, etc.

McLeod Regional Medical Center has a Clinical Mentor who monitors the nursing environment of all nursing units and is responsible for facilitating the entry and placement of student nurses and the transitions to the nurse role. The Clinical Mentor provides positive feedback for the nursing units and organizational improvements directed at nurse retention and is a nurse advocate, providing nurses the opportunity to discuss career and job-related issues. The Clinical Mentor performs exit interviews for all nurses leaving McLeod Regional Medical Center and provides service line feedback.

What is McLeod's patient to nurse ratio?

Nurse-to-patient ratio varies based on unit flow and inpatient acuity. The average nurse-to-patient ratios in medical/surgical are 1 to 6 or 1 to 7. Average nurse-to-patient ratio in critical care is 1 to 1 or 1 to 2. The average nurse-to-patient ratio in our step-down areas is 1 to 3 or 1 to 4.

What kind of Orientation will I have at McLeod?

McLeod Health offers a unique orientation experience. Your first week will be spent with an educator in a state-of-the-art Skills Lab validating required competencies. Following competency validation, the remainder of orientation will be unit specific, working side by side with a preceptor focusing on time management, prioritizing skills and social integration into the unit. During orientation, you will learn to document in McLeod’s user-friendly electronic documentation system. In order to promote patient and nurse safety we also utilize a bar coded medication delivery system that interfaces with a medication distribution system. This system is taught in orientation as well.  The typical orientation lasts 6 to 8 weeks for a med/surg area and 10 to 12 weeks for critical care.

What systems are in place to give nursing practice a voice at McLeod?

Our Nursing Quality and Safety Division Councils are made up of staff representatives from each nursing unit in the service lines. The purpose of the Nursing Quality and Safety Councils is to provide an avenue for collaboration and advocacy to improve the quality of care provided to patients and the environment in which nurses practice.

Nursing Care Leadership Forum (NCLF) is a shared governance council established at McLeod that is comprised of representatives from each nursing unit. Representatives have the ability to evaluate current nursing concerns and implement changes to improve the nursing work environment. Recent NCLF projects have included mislabeled blood specimen rates, retention and evaluating workload concerns, advocating for changes within the dress code policy and participating in a food drive benefitting the Harvest Hope Food Bank.

Magnet Champions work to define, revise, implement and disseminate processes and information related to the Magnet Journey at MRMC. Each nursing unit has a Magnet Champion.

Nursing Research Council – Established in 2017, the Nursing Research Council supports the conduction of clinical research and evidence-based practice by promoting awareness of nursing research, enhancing integration of research findings into nursing culture, and facilitating necessary resources for active nurse participation. The committee supports and encourages formal education, mentors nurses in research, and supports the growth and development of the advancement and utilization of nursing research.

Does McLeod offer a nurse residency program?

At McLeod Health, we understand the needs of new graduate nurses as they transition from the role of a student nurse to a graduate nurse as well as the needs of more experienced nurses as they integrate into the profession of nursing. To meet those needs, we have developed a nurse residency program using specific tools, experiences, and classes to help you grow and succeed as a McLeod Health nurse.

Program Description
The McLeod Health Nurse residency program is a 12-month program which builds upon the standard hospital orientation program. The nurse residency program will assist you in transitioning to your nursing career at McLeod Health.

The residency program provides a collaborative learning environment where you can refine your nursing skills and enhance your prioritization, time, and stress management skills. The program will maximize learning by incorporating classroom training, hands-on skills validations and group activities. Also, this program will enable you to establish new personal and professional relationships. The Clinical Nurse Mentor will guide you on your journey throughout the program. The mentor will work collaboratively with nurse managers, supervisors, nurse educators, clinical nurse managers and other nursing colleagues at McLeod to foster and support your professional growth.

Does McLeod offer a student nurse program?

McLeod Health offers a Nurse Extern Program for qualified nursing students. The nursing students must have successfully completed a Fundamentals of Nursing course and must be currently enrolled in an accredited academic nursing program. The Nurse Extern program allows student nurses to work while they are in school and gain valuable hands-on nursing experience.

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